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Joe DiMaggio was not a first-ballot Hall of Famer

Favourite NHL rink to play in other than the Madhouse on Madison?Um, I would say Montreal is a lot of fun, we dont get to go there too often so its always a pretty cool place to play. NCAA Jerseys China .Favourite Chicago Blackhawks jersey of all time?I do like the old like 3rd jersey, like the black one we kinda wore at the stadium series this year. It actually used to be our 3rd jersey. I like those ones, theyre pretty cool. And theyre still very simple and close to what we normally wear.(Brian Babineau/Getty Images)Tazer Moonwalk. Do you remember the 1st time doing that?(laughs) Ya, it was at centre ice in Boston after we won the cup and I was feeling pretty good after a few beers and a few glasses of champagne. Celebrating.Craziest thing youve ever done with the Stanley Cup?I dont know if we did anything crazy with it, but for me just taking it up to my cabin and on the boat and just having a few drinks, celebrating with friends was just a lot of fun. Because it was just our alone time and it was very private, so that was cool.In the summer, what do you enjoy doing most thats not hockey related?I like to fish and relax out at the cabin. Its about 2 hours east of Winnipeg where I go. Its just so nice to go and get away, have some nice balance with the stuff that goes on in Chicago through out the season.Ever been fishing on Toews lake?(laughs) Nah, but Ill be sure to make it up there some time soon.When you think of the Blackhawks you think of Toews and Kane, one of the best duos in sports. So, if you were to associate yourselves with a TV duo, which duo would best resemble you guys.A) Walter White & Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)B) Chandler & Joey (Friends)C) Wayne & Garth (Waynes World)D) Zack Morris & Screech (Saved By The Bell)E) Will & Carlton (Fresh Prince)(laughs listening to the options)I like the last two, but Ill go with Zack and Screech.Whos who?(Stares in disbelief) Cmon, you know Kane is Screech for sure. Thats a good one for him, little curly headed rat, yknow.(photo via Stubbornthoughts.com)Who would be on your dream power play line of all time, youre playing centre?Thats a pretty good one, umm. I dont know, it would be cool to have Gretzky and Lemieux out there. Maybe Lidstrom on the point and who else could we put on the point? Maybe a right-handed shot? Maybe Al Macinnis, he had a pretty good shot.Do you have a favourite YouTube video?Maybe not my favourite, but you know the one of the kid at the fair who gets his face painted like a dinosaur? And the lady goes, "oh youre a little lizard" and he goes "I like turtles" Have you seen that one?No, I havent actually.Cman, thats the best one ever! Look it up right now youll love it.Can you go BarDown?Every time. Wholesale NCAA Jerseys . - Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis said Wednesday hes "nodded off" during meetings, but he said its something every player does. NCAA Jerseys Outlet . Damyean Dotson, 19, Dominic Artis, 19 and Brandon Austin, 18, were suspended after the school received a police report concerning allegations made by a student who said she was assaulted by the players in early March. https://www.chinajerseysncaa.us/ . Sources tell TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun the international tournament will likely return in September 2016 rather than 2015.Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork.com) - The Baseball Writers Association of America continued to serve as the moral police on Tuesday. First of all, congratulations to the newest electees to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, as pitchers Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson and John Smoltz, all got in on their first time on the ballot, while Craig Biggio enters one year after coming up just two votes shy. There is no question all four deserved to be in and while the general consensus is that this is a good day for baseball, Im not so sure. Yes, Cooperstown will be rocking next July with four people going in, but Im still focused on the guys who did not get in. And I am not even talking about the Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens types. I am talking about the guys who have now been labled steroid abusers without a shred of evidence by the BBWAA. If I had a vote Bonds and Clemens would be on my ballot, but I can at least understand why they are not on others. Someone, though, has to explain to me why Mike Piazza is not in the Hall of Fame. It was ridiculous that he wasnt in last year and its even more absurd that he has to wait for a third ballot. Piazza is the best hitting catcher of all-time. There is no dispute about that. But, the rank and file of the BBWAA has pegged him as someone who may have taken performance-enhancing drugs without any evidence. Piazza was the closest of those not elected and received 69.9 percent of the vote and was 28 votes shy of election. He is going to get in at some point and hes far from the best player not to get elected on his first or even second try. Ryne Sandberg, Roberto Alomar and even Joe DiMaggio were passed over their first time around too. Yes, Joe DiMaggio was not a first-ballot Hall of Famer. This isnt some grass-roots campaign to get Piazza in, I just cant take the fact that people chose not to vote him in because, maybe, just maybe he may have dabbled with PEDs. Although nobody knows for sure. There is no paper trail like there is with guys like Bonds or Clemens. The only red flag for him are the obscene offensive numbers produced by a catcher in an era where the numbers were skewed by the guys we know were using. That and speculation from blogger Murray Chass, who once noted that Piazza had a case of back acne. So, of course, that means he is guilty. Caareer tarnished. Clearance NCAA Jerseys. And you can throw Jeff Bagwell into that same mix too. Now if you held a gun to my head and asked me if either of those two guys took PEDs, Id say yes, especially in the case of Bagwell. But a whole lot of other people did in that time, too. Is it the 75-percent that Jose Canseco once claimed? Im not sure, but its probably not far from that number and Id be willing to bet some of them who did take them have already been elected. Remember, the Mitchell Report flat out stated that as far back as 1973 performance enhancing drug use in baseball was alarming. Now, there is nothing to suggest that Pedro, Unit or Smoltz ever used PEDs, but why are they not under the same scrutiny that Piazza seems to be? Pedro and Unit were as dominant as any pitchers we have seen in the last 50 years and Smoltz had to overcome Tommy John surgery in 2000 and eventually became one of the more dominant closers in the league. Are we 100-percent sold Smoltz did not take anything to speed up that recovery? If you smile a lot and get along well with the press, those questions dont seem to come up I guess. Forget Piazza, though, the Hall will always be tarnished for me until it opens its doors to Bonds and Clemens. The same group of people who chose to give Darin Erstad and Tom Gordon Hall of Fame votes are the ones who decided to keep Bonds and Clemens out. Makes perfect sense. When you go to a museum about American history, are the bad times just ignored? Of course not. And what exactly are they trying to keep so sacred up in Cooperstown? The Hall of Fame features a guy like Ty Cobb, someone who may have been a better racist than he was a ballplayer. And thats saying something. And Cobb is nowhere near the only bad guy in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Thats the point. For some reason, though, PEDs are the hill BBWAA will die on. Now, Piazza stands a good chance at getting in next year, as Ken Griffey Jr. is really the only lock candidate on the ballot. Dont get me started on Trevor Hoffman. Hell probably get in at some point, but it wont be his first time on the ballot. Regardless, balloting has become the all powerful BBWAA getting up on their high horse and letting the world know that they are the ones who judge the games most extraordinary individual honor. ' ' '

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