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Prescription drugs are supposed to make our lives better. However Kaleb McGary Hat , if not properly used, these life-savers can become killers. Follow these 10 vital tips for safe prescription drug use.

1. Tell Your Doctor & Pharmacist What Else You're Taking: Harmful drug interactions are surprisingly common, and extremely dangerous. Before going to the doctors or a pharmacy, make a list of all the drugs and supplements you're currently taking and present this list to your health care provider. It just might save your life.

2. Review the Side Effects: Before popping that first pill Chris Lindstrom Hat , take a few minutes to read the warning labels provided with every prescription. These warnings are there for a reason.

3. Don't Take Drug Given to you by Others: Well meaning friends and family members may think they know what you need, but don't trust a drug given to you by anyone besides your pharmacist.

4. Get Your Pharmacist' Advice: Recently while filling a prescription for an anti-dandruff shampoo, my pharmacist gave me a tip. "Don't just rinse the shampoo out of your hair in the shower," he said Deion Sanders Hat , "Apply it after a shower and let it soak in your scalp." I took his advice and couldn't believe the difference it made. The drug went from being slightly effective to 100% effective. It's easy to forget that Pharmacists do much more than dish out pills. They often pass on valuable information that your doctor doesn't know.

5. Scratch the Alcohol: Don't drink alcohol while taking a prescription or over the counter drug. Alcohol tends to exacerbate the side effects, especially drowsiness.

6. Don't Use Expired Drugs: It's tempting to keep drugs beyond their expiration date in order to save money. Make it a habit to go through your medicine cabinet on a regular basis to purge expired drugs. If you make this a habit when you're well, you'll never be tempted to take an expired drug when you're ill.

7. Don't Divide Doses: It's tempting to save money by dividing doses. However, some drugs are intended to be taken whole Ito Smith Hoodie , and can have serious side effects if split or crushed.

8. Store Drugs Properly: Always store drugs in a cool, dark, and dry place. Avoid using bathroom cabinets which are prone to moisture.

9. Dispose of Drugs Properly: In the past, experts have recommended flushing drugs down the toilet in order to prevent scavenging in the trash. However Deadrin Senat Hoodie , recent environmental evidence suggests this isn't a good idea. Instead, consider concealing old drugs in a bag of coffee grounds or something that wouldn't be rummaged through.

10. Ask your Doctor if You Really Need that Drug: We sometimes get into habits without thinking. Quite possibly that drug you've been taking for years isn't needed anymore, and could have long term side effects. Consider talking with your doctor about your regiment, and possibly phasing out a drug that isn't required. Keep in mind you should NOT go off any drug without first talking to your doctor. Kittens communicate in a very distinct way. Did you know that every twitch Isaiah Oliver Hoodie , every purr, every motion actually means something... at least to your kitten!

The key to building a devoted and caring relationship between you and your kitten is understanding how kittens communicate

Lets discuss the primary mechanisms a kitten uses to communicate.


The eyes truly are the windows to the soul... even when you consider the souls of kittens. Kittens use their eyes to tell you what they want.

For example, if a kitten gazes at something for a few minutes, but then turns away Austin Hooper Hoodie , it is usually an indication that he recognizes the object or person, but chooses not to communicate with them for the time being.

If however, a kitten stares at something and holds its gaze for some time (and also twitches his tail and perhaps raises its fur) that is a clear indication that he feels threatened.

At times the kitten will also make an aggressive meow to indicate they are ready for combat if necessary.


Reading a kittens tail movements is not only fun its useful. A cats tail tells a lot of things about whats on their minds. One of the uses a kitten has for its tail is to demonstrate self confidence and pride.

Kittens may walk with their tails sticking straight up in the air, indicating they are having a very proud and boastful moment.

If on the other hand a kittens tail suddenly puffs out and looks bushy Deion Jones Hoodie , and starts shaking it is usually a sign that something has frightened the kitten. When given this sign, though your urge may be to pick up your kitten, avoid doing so immediately. You might startle the kitten and end up with a harsh scratch.

Small twitches of a kittens tail can also indicate that your kitten is irritated at something. This can be for a variety of reasons, including a dirty litter box or lack of food. Be sure to check out your kittys supplies to make sure there isnt some small problem you can remedy quickly.


Purring is usually the universal body language sign kittens give off. For the most part kittens purr when they are happy Keanu Neal Hoodie , content and satisfied.

Thus, the more your kitty purrs the happier he is. Kittens love to purr when you hold them, stroke them and even brush their fur.

Learning to understand your kittens signals can help you build a long lasting and happy relationship together. If you take the time to pay attention to your kitten, youll start picking up on his unique signals quickly and swiftly.

If youre still worried Takkarist McKinley Hoodie , here are a few pointers that will ensure you bond with your kitten right off the bat:

* Trampling Paws - sign of affection or need for attention.

* Dilated Pupils - indicates fear or threat. Stay back initially and try to determine cause of fear.

* Arched Back - Kitten is attacking, feels threatened.

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