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Global economy continues to expand Authentic Phillip Lindsay Jersey , with no signs of slowing down any time soon. This means that international business can open doors to a series of employment opportunities, if you are equipped with the knowledge and skills it requires. You could be a representative of your company in the global arena or a compliance specialist maintaining imports and exports while adhering to regulatory laws. You could also work as an analyst responsible for examining trends and making projections.

Sounds amazing? Well, it is. However, before you step into the world of work Authentic Joe Flacco Jersey , you are expected to possess certain competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities). You must

Have a global perspective and sound knowledge of global business; Act with cultural sensitivity to facilitate deals; Possess a broad and diverse business approach; Be able to implement ethical behaviour and standards; Be an effective communicator who can send company's message to its customers and suppliers without hurting their cultural and religious sentiments; and Possess critical thinking, problem solving, quantitative analysis and team management skills.
Of course Authentic Von Miller Jersey , detailed knowledge in import-export, custom compliance, global logistics and international sales and marketing is essential to seek an entry to the world of work. If you are interested in exciting work opportunities at home or abroad with multinational companies, Centennial College's international business diploma program may be the right choice. You will build strong business foundation Authentic John Elway Jersey , along with specialized international business knowledge.

Let us explore in detail what you kind of employment opportunities you can avail with a diploma in international business:

oms Compliance

This department is found in both the private sector and the federal government. If this particular field appeals you, know that you can be a valuable asset to the organization you work with. As a custom compliance specialist, you will be responsible for managing imports and exports within regulatory law. You may also begin your career as an importerexporter or customs broker.

s Business Development

If you're good at writing business proposals, negotiating with clients or presenting Dre'Mont Jones Jersey , demonstrating and explaining products and services, you're going places. Employers are on a lookout for people like you who have the ability to convince clients and influence their buying decisions. You can work as inside sales representative, international business communications assistant or foreign sales executive.

al Logistics

Do you often wonder what all goes into transporting products from across the border? How does the entire process look like or how is it managed? Centennial's program prepares you for this very challenging job. You will develop a strong understanding in the transportation of goods to and from locations throughout the world. You will be able to avail career opportunities in the areas of supply chain, business operations and logistics and transportation documentation.


Banking can be a very lucrative field for you Drew Lock Jersey , if you have a diploma in international business. You may be responsible for keeping a track of the international banking policies, amendments in rules and regulations, advising clients on foreign currency investment, or developing new business.

College education plays a crucial role in shaping your career. It is recommended that you take enough time to think through and choose an academic path that helps you achieve your career goals.

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